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Hands-down the best lobster shack in Maine

Many lobster connoisseurs consider Five Islands Lobster Company to be hands-down the best lobster shack in Maine—or anywhere, for that matter. Why? Start with the lobsters. They come from the deep, cold water that nearly surrounds the Five Islands section of Georgetown, Maine, on the edge of Sheepscot Bay. The deep, dark, and frigid waters close to shore are considered ideal for propagating large numbers of healthy, meaty lobsters, ......Then there’s the view.........Throw in the excellent deep-fried and grilled fare from the fry shack.....and the Annabelle’s Ice Cream stand next to the fry shack, and you’re going to find it mighty hard to get back in your car and leave this place.  

Excerpted from Lobster Shacks: A Road-Trip Guide to New England's Best Lobster Joints by Mike Urban. Reprinted by permission of Countryman Press.

Mike Urban
Five Islands Lobster serves up some of the best cold-water, hard-shell lobster you'll find anywhere.

Located on a pier at the end of Route 127, Five Islands Lobster serves up some of the best cold-water, hard-shell lobster you'll find anywhere. Throw in its award-winning fried clams and the shack's magnificent view of Sheepscot Bay, and you'll find it hard to leave.

Yankee Magazine
A Maine Scenic Gem: Five Islands Lobster Co. in Georgetown

A Maine Scenic Gem: Five Islands Lobster Co. in Georgetown: When I finally arrived at Five Islands Lobster Co. at the very end of the road, I was completely amazed by the breathtaking view! I’m quite sure my mouth dropped open . . . and I hadn’t even gotten to the food yet...... The lobster dinner was a GIANT, multi-wet nap affair, that was bravely attempted wearing only one bib. “Larry” was as hard shell as they come....We found all the nooks and crannies where the sweet, succulent lobster meat was hiding! 

Maine Foodie Finds
Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite Sandwiches

Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite Sandwiches BY ANDREW ZIMMERN If you like your lobster roll on a toasted bun with just a gloss, a whisper, a gentle zephyr of mayo, then this is the one for you. Served on the end of the dock on the ocean with only a few gulls to keep you company. 

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One of my favorite spots in Maine! So pretty and delicious food. A really scenic spot with picnic tables. Fresh seafood, yummy lobster rolls and a more

Alice E.


So you are in Maine, getting your tourist on, sporting your Hawaiian shirt and size 12 men's crocs, and you got to, got to, got to get a lobster roll. It' more

Richard H.


The food was okay. I would call it pretty regular. The chowder, the lobster, the lobster rolls - pretty standard stuff. You can get this almost more

Michelle J.

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